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Who We Are?

Welcome to Paradise Valley's Instructional Hub. This site is designed to provide faculty with a one-stop-shop for instructional resources and support. The information here is about instructional design principles and how they relate to teaching and learning. Instructional design, also known as instructional systems design, is the analysis of learning needs and systematic development of instruction. Instructional designers often use instructional technology or educational technology as tools for developing instruction.


Our mission is to serve the faculty and staff through a commitment to exceptional teaching and learning. Our purpose is to promote excellence in teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. Our goal is to create an environment that welcomes and inspires creative and innovative thinking, which includes more than technology training.


Our Vision is a professional commitment to support faculty, staff, and students on teaching and learning.

Instructional Development

Instructional Design

Instructional designers often use instructional technology or educational technology as tools for developing instruction. The art of good instructional design is deciding what to leave out, what is essential, and what will not harm the foundation of the learning (Culatta, 2010).


Multimedia and visual design play an important role here in the Center for Teaching and Learning at PVCC. Our instructional and multimedia developer focuses on visual design, graphics, audio and video, web and application development, custon learning tools, animation, and storyboarding.

Gamification of Education is a growing trend in education, we are now developing materials and research to assist faculty with gamifying content and enhancing interactivity using games such as MinecraftEdu.

We support both online and face to face instruction and the CTLEE is dedicated to creating original multimedia and web development projects for faculty here at PVCC. The next step in adapting to today's innovative gaming world is to create and research new ways games in education, such as Minecraft can be used to enhnace learning and build community among students.


The CTL coordinates and provides college-wide technical support and training for a variety of software applications, as well as Canvas, and Maricopa Enterprise Applications. Training delivery methods include workshops, one-on-one, appointments, and drop-in open labs. Workshop schedules are sent out monthly. Support is available via phone or email, as well as online documentation and videos.

Employee Development

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Meet the Instructional Team (UNDER CTLEE REDESIGN)