Course Development

How do I develop Online & Blended Courses

Developing an online or blended course requires us to reconsider our current instructional practices and often to learn about new delivery. In order to assist faculty adequately through this process, we suggest you contact the Faculty listed below. The faculty coordinators will take you through the application process.

The course development process involves periodically meeting with the instructional team. This team is housed in the Center for Teaching and Learning. You will be required to meet with the instructional designer prior to the delivery of any newly developed online or hybrid course. The steps outlined here provide a high-level overview of the course development process.

Online Coordinator: Lynn Clark
Hybrid Coordinator: Cathy Mendoza

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Considerations for developing an Online Course

What is an online class at Paradise Valley Community College? An on-line class means all course requirements, everything to complete the class, must be online (such as tests and content material). We use Canvas as our Learning Management System. Online classes require extensive infrastructure support as well as special skills and training for faculty who develop these classes. In addition, PVCC has limited staff support for the development, implementation and maintenance of the online courses. The "student help" area also has limited staff support. Developing and delivering an online course for PVCC has specific processes and procedures.

Considerations for developing a Hybrid Course

A hybrid course at Paradise Valley Community College is defined as a course which blends online with classroom (face-to-face) meetings. Approximately half of the time is spent in class, the other online. The online portion of the class is handled through the current LMS (Learning Management System) which is Canvas. Common features of the online portion of the hybrid courses may include the delivery of the syllabus, course materials, readings, assignments, tutorials, labs and online assessments (or any combination of the above). In a hybrid class, a significant part of the course interaction takes place online and students can expect to spend at least as much time as they would in a face-to-face course. Developing and delivering a hybrid course for PVCC has specific processes and procedures.