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Paradise Valley Community College is committed to ensuring that all of our faculty have the online resources and support necessary to achieve success. Here at PVC faculty will be able to find helpful resources and information in order feel successful developing and teaching online courses. Below is a list of online resources, articles and websites that provide support and offer tips and tricks to be successful in the online environment.

Please familiarize yourself with available resources to use them for a better PVC learning experience, success in your online courses, and our student's success. This site is maintained and updated regularly. If you locate resources that would benefit your colleagues, please feel free to forward them to the CTL staff.

Resource Downloads

Digital Learning

Paradise Valley Community College will be creating a resource for faculty filled with everything instructionally relating to digital learning. Please check back for more information.

Online Resources

Welcome Faculty! Paradise Valley Community College welcomes you to Online Learning here at PVCC.

One of the many benefits of teaching online is that you can take advantage of online curriculum and lesson plans that others have shared. Your courses can be current and up-to-date by including online resources such as images, videos, the latest research and even interactive lessons. You no longer have to wait for the new textbook editions. Here you find resources and websites to help locate and take advantage of online educational materials.Also, some best practices and ideas to enhance your courses.

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