Online Briefing- Paradise Valley Community College

How To Be Successful Online

Students who are likely to succeed in distance learning classes are:

  • Good time managers
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong Readers
  • Independent learners
  • Good problem solvers

Some students are more successful in a traditional class because:

  • The instructor determines the learning pace.
  • Classes meet on a regular basis.
  • Insturctor provides direct instruction
  • Instructor presents information not found in textbook to expand upon concepts.

Should you decide that distance learning class(es) will not meet your needs, please fill out an Enrollment/Schedule Adjustment form in the Office of Admissions & Records to drop your distance learning class(es) and add a traditional class(es).

What is your Start Date?

  • Classes without an extended enrollment option: Start Date is the first day of the semester.
  • Classes with an extended enrollment option: Start Date is the Monday AFTER you register once the semester has begun.
  • Online students must confirm your Start Date with your instructor(s). (Many online classes begin the first day of the semester).

Why is your Start Date so important?
  • The Start Date tells you when to begin the class
  • The Start Date will be the basis for any REFUNDS should you withdraw from the class.

Why is your End Date so important?
  • Your distance learning class, including the final exam, will be completed by the Official End Date.


FINAL GRADES are generally posted two weeks after the end of the semester.

Early Grade Option

If you complete your course work before the Official End Date, your final grade may be assigned. Contact your instructor to see if this is an option for your class.

Withdrawal Procedure- How do I withdraw should the need arise?
  • In Person: Process an Enrollment/Schedule Adjustment Form in the Admissions & Records Office (602) 787-7000.
  • Online: If it is not past the deadline to withdraw, you can do it yourself in the (SIS) Student Information System.
  • Via email: Contact your instructor and ask them to withdraw you.

  • Refer to the refund policy as stated in the current PVCC class schedule.
  • Refunds are based on the official Start Date and the date the withdrawal is received in the Admissions & Records Office.

  • Some distance learning courses may be taken in either a graded (A, B, C, . . . ) section or in a P/Z (credit/no credit) section.
  • In a P/Z section, students will receive a grade of 'P' which means Pass- Credit equal to a grade of C or better, or 'Z' which means No Credit earned.
  • Make sure you are enrolled in the appropriate section. If not, complete an Enrollment/Schedule Adjustment Form, or call (602) 787-7000.

Student Responsibilities

In order to succeed, students need to have the required level of computer skills, motivation and a commitment to learn and work at their own pace. A student taking an online class or classes from Paradise Valley Community College should consider these responsibilities.

  • Read your syllabus/instructional materials to determine assignment due dates and course completion requirements.
  • Schedule time to meet course requirements.
  • Start work immediately.
  • Submit assignments on time as indicated by your instructor.
  • Communicate with your instructor on a regular basis.
  • Complete course requirements on time.

Student ID Cards
  • Many campus resources require a student ID card.
  • You can obtain a PVCC student ID card from our Computer Commons inside the E-building.
  • Money can be added to your student ID card in the Computer Commons to be used for photocopies.

Learning Resources
  • Learning Support Center, E180 (602) 787-7180
  • Library, E102 (602) 787-7200
  • Computer Commons, E137 (602) 787-6760
  • Brainfuse tutoring available in Canvas.

Email Accounts

As a registered student of any of the Maricopa County Community Colleges, you have access to a college Google email account that is set up automatically for you. With this account, you will receive official communication about:

  • Enrollment reminders
  • Financial Aid
  • Important deadline and other information

Just use your MEID and password to log in. This email address will be used for official Canvas communication.

If you email your instructor before the semester begins, your instructor may not respond until the first day of the semester.


Once you register for a course, your profile will be added to Canvas within 24 hours, but you may not have access to a particular course until the first day of class. Here are some some tips to consider:

  • Prior to class starting, check your student email for instructions.
  • Login to Canvas using your MEID and password.
  • On the 'official' first day of class all courses will be available. If not, please contact your instructor.

Good luck with your classes!!

Contact Information

Thank you for choosing choices@pvc Distance Learning Program. If you have any further questions, please contact via phone at (602) 787-6750 or 6754. If you have a question or want to leave additional comments, please Click Here.

Getting Started: Canvas and Digital Learning

Taking online courses can be very convenient for many people. However, before you enroll in your first online course, you want to make sure you are ready. We have created an orientation course for you to learn how to navigate Canvas and also review some sample modules from various instructors. Please click the Canvas Login button below.

Canvas Login