One of PVCC's Hidden Treasures

Dr. Caron Sada- Club Z

Prior to teaching college psychology and entrepreneurship courses, Caron worked in family businesses, nonprofits, startups and Fortune 50 organizations primarily in sales, fundraising, marketing and management roles. This diverse career background coupled with her multi-disciplinary education in Speech and Hearing Sciences, Business Administration and Industrial-Organizational Psychology helps explain her approach to teaching and learning within, and outside of, the classroom.

Within the classroom, Caron’s students have many opportunities to develop their unique talents and strengths while working toward course learning objectives. Outside of Maricopa, Caron is the creator of CaronsArt and Z which includes Z Network and Club Z (free to any campus). At PVCC, there are several key people who work directly with students implementing these activities including: Caron (Psychology), David Pegram (English), Sheila Beeler (Reading), Jon Hayashi (Biology), Meggin Kirk (Education), Amilyn Castro (Counseling), and Kelly Burton (Philosophy).

This interdisciplinary work represents the infusion of entrepreneurial mindset and behaviors throughout learning experiences aimed at facilitating “student success, career success and life success.” In the first 3 years of PVCC’s Club Z, the club earned the Student Life Innovation of the Year award for all 3 years as well as earning an award for Diversity and Inclusion.

Pyschology Instructor Dr. Caron Sada

PVCC's Hidden Treasures- Dr.Caron Sada from Paradise Valley Comm College

New in 2019 is a district wide Z Connect student achievement scholarship that is being promoted by the Legacy Entrepreneurship Group headed by Dr. Shari Olsen and Dr. Bruce McHenry at South Mountain Community College. A grant funded team is also building a district wide Canvas (LMS) classroom for virtual connection among any student or employee who is interested in entrepreneurial insights or activity.

A new community group outside of the college system, ZAC (Z Alumni and Community), is now working toward supporting college students with regard to “student success, career success and life success.”

One (of several) key themes within Caron’s work is “everyone is invited!” If you’re interested in getting involved:

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Club Zeitgeist

More Information-Club Z

Self-Enroll in the “Still Under Construction” Z Canvas with your student MEID: Click Here

Visit the Club Z Facebook page- Click Here

Look for Club Z students in PVCC’s KSC Café on Tuesdays at Noon

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Here you can find additional resources on Club Z (Club Zeitgeist) and information on the PVCC sponsored club. More resources will be added regarding all aspects of community and entrepreneurship.

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