Name Position Representing Term Expires
Sally Rings President Com/Hum 1998
Steve Platte President-Elect at large 1999
Mitizi Ferrell Treasurer at large 1999
Jeanne Franco Secretary Business 1999
Tom Butler   at large 1999
Muriel Coil   Library/Media 1999
Marilyn Cristiano   at large 1999
Abby Hemingway   at large 1998
Lynn Lalko   at large 1998
Sherry Loch   Human Development 1999
Carmen Marques   at large 1999
Gary Quick   Math/Science 1999
Lois Roma-Deeley   at large 1999
Fred Wieck   Counseling 1999



Date Minutes Treasurer's Report Miscellaneous
05/01/1997 minutes1997-05-01.htm    
09/07/1997 minutes1997-09-07.htm    
10/02/1997 minutes1997-10-02.htm    
11/06/1997 minutes1997-11-06.htm    
12/04/1997 minutes1997-12-04.htm    
02/05/1998 minutes1998-02-05.htm    
03/05/1998 minutes1998-03-05.htm    
04/02/1998 minutes1998-04-02.htm    
04/23/1998 minutes1998-04-23.htm    

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