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Name Position Representing Term Expires
Jim Patterson President At Large Spring 2007
Jeff Lace President-Elect Div. Rep. SCI Spring 2007
Paul Cornell Treasurer Div. Rep. MATH Spring 2007
Jim Rubin Secretary Div. Rep. CPD Spring 2007
Lori Anonsen   Div. Rep. Health & Ex. Science Spring 2007
Kevin Arps   At large Spring 2007
Marianne Botos   Div. Rep. ENG Spring 2008
Ron Brooker   At large Spring 2008
John Chavez   Div. Rep. LIB Spring 2007
Sherry Loch   At large Spring 2008
Bethanne Newman   Div. Rep. Bus/IT Spring 2007
Thomas Powell   Div. Rep. S&BS Spring 2008
Chris Scinto   Div. Rep. F&PA Spring 2007
Walt Thielen   Div. Rep. COM&HUM Spring 2007



  • Business practices for new initiatives: Needed to have consistency of input and participation.
  • Budget development and planning: Perhaps have another session to discuss the budget and planning process. c) Retirement benefits (49% issue) should equitable across the district.
  • Revision/update of College Plan. College Plan is several years old and needs to be updated.
  • Faculty Handbook: Have a bound handbook with pertinent information for faculty.



Date Minutes Treasurer's Report Miscellaneous
09/07/2006 minutes2006-09-07.htm    
10/05/2006 minutes2006-10-05.htm    
11/02/2006 minutes2006-11-02.htm    
12/07/2006 minutes2006-12-07.htm    
02/01/2007 minutes2007-02-01.htm    
03/01/2007 minutes.2007-03-01.htm    
04/05/2007 minutes2007-04-05.htm    
05/03/2007 minutes2007-05-03.htm    

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