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Name Position Representing Term Expires
Jeff Lace President Div. Rep, SCI Spring 2007
Sue Van Boven President-Elect Div. Rep. BUS Spring 2007
Tony Craig Treasurer Div. Rep. MATH Spring 2007
Fred Wieck Secretary At large Spring 2008
Marianne Botos   Div. Rep. ENG Spring 2008
David Bradley   Div. Rep. F&PA Spring 2007
Ron Brooker   At large Spring 2008
Rose Dermody   Div. Rep. Health & Ex. Science Spring 2007
John Douglas   Div. Rep. SOC Spring 2007
Beth Newman   At large Spring 2007
Thomas Powell   Div. Rep. BS Spring 2008
Marianne Roccaforte   Div. Rep. CPD Spring 2007
David Rubi   Div. Rep. COM&HUM Spring 2007
Gary Smith   At large Spring 2007
Shelle Witten   Div. Rep. LIB Spring 2007



  1. To facilitate the Golden Gavels action plan to enhance "shared governance" at PVCC.

  2. To develop equity for PVCC in the funding of the MCCD Active Retirement Program.

  3. To review and update the PVCC College Plan as necessary.

  4. To administer and fund the Faculty Association Student Scholarship.

  5. To sufficiently meet the needs of the PVCC Faculty in all professional matters.



Date Minutes Treasurer's Report Miscellaneous
02-07-2008 minutes2008-02-07.doc    
03-06-2008 minutes2008-03-06.doc    
03-31-2008 minutes2008-03-31.doc    
04-03-2008 minutes2008-04-03.doc    

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