Faculty Travel Committee

Procedural Guidelines

Approved by the PVCC Faculty Senate on December 2, 1999

Amendments: May 4,2000 | May 3, 2001 | September 7, 2001 | October 3, 2002 | May 1, 2003 | September 4, 2008 | August 27, 2015

A. Charge of Committee

Following the general policies created by the MCCCD Faculty Professional Growth Committee, the Faculty Travel Chair shall recommend to the Faculty Senate policies and procedures for funding faculty travel expenses for professional growth activities.

B. Chair

The chair shall be a PVCC Faculty Association member chosen by the PVCC Faculty Senate President-Elect by the end of April. The chair shall be given either a three-credit hour extended contract or three -credit hours of reassigned time per semester of duty in compensation.

C. Chair Responsibilities

C.1 Provide Leadership for Faculty Travel

C.2 At the end of the fiscal year provide a summary report of Travel activities to the PVCC Faculty Senate.

C.3 Update faculty regarding the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines via electronic messaging when appropriate.

C.4 Serve as a consultant to faculty who have questions regarding the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines.

C.5 Inform newly hired full-time faculty about the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines at appropriate FYE meetings.

C.6 Administer the Process for Requesting Travel Funds according to the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines.

C.7 Administer the Approval Process for Requests for Travel Funds according to the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines.

C.8 Administer the travel funds budget according to the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines and in conjunction with the cashier's office.

C.9.1 Maintain records of travel requests.

C.9.2 Follow-up periodically with the cashier's office to confirm if approved travel dollars were spent.

C.9.3 Periodically inform the faculty at large regarding the status of budget dollars.

C.9.4 Assess if there are sufficient monies available in the budget before sending a request for travel funds to the Faculty Travel Committee for approval.

C.10 At the end of the spring semester, evaluate the efficacy of the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines. Make recommendations for change to the Faculty Senate.

C.11 Update the Faculty Travel Procedural Guidelines on the Faculty Senate internet website.

C.12 Maintain travel records for one year after the end of a fiscal year.

D. Traveler Eligibility

D.1 Eligible faculty requesters are Governing Board approved full-time residential members of Paradise Valley Community College (RFP Faculty) at the time of the activity (including faculty members on sabbatical leave and on temporary disability leave, who are considered "continuing members").

D.2 Ineligible faculty include: faculty on professional unpaid leave of absence; faculty temporarily assigned to another employment group; adjunct faculty; one-year-only faculty; one-semester-only faculty; half-time retired faculty; and temporary replacement faculty.

E. Eligible Travel Activities

Travel to conferences, seminars, workshops, association meetings, and other professional organizations, settings, events, and activities for the purpose of professional growth that will increase knowledge, skills, or attitudes enhancing one's roles at the college.

For International travel, please go to International Faculty Development and contact the Director of International Education, Michele Marion, Residential Faculty, Sociology

F. Ineligible Travel Activities

F.1 Any activity that is connected to one's teaching obligation or contractual responsibilities cannot be considered for travel funds. Such activities include articulation meetings, discipline instructional council meetings, and community advisory boards.

F.2 Personal development activities are not considered for travel funds. These activities include time management, personal career exploration, physical development/wellness, psychological strategies, stress management, and recreational travel.

F.3 Any activity may be deemed ineligible if significant professional growth is not clearly justified and documented. Each activity's context and merit are considered in the final decision of the Faculty Travel Chair.

G. Eligible Travel Costs

Travel funds shall be awarded to faculty members to cover transportation, lodging, registration fees (of $25.00 or less), meals and/or some additional related expenses. Limits to these expenses are set by Governing Board action and may vary each year. Consult District Travel Policies available from cashier's office. Travel funds do not pay membership fees, late fees, costs of materials, and/or journals. Registration fees greater than $25.00 are reimbursed through the MCCD Professional Growth Committee (see "The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Professional Growth Programs and Procedural Guidelines" at the MCCD Faculty Association website (http://mcli.maricopa.edu/fpg/programs).

H. Timelines for Requesting Travel Funds

H.1 Submit a request at least six to eight weeks prior to the event's start date to be assured of funding prior to travel.

H.2 Faculty may not submit requests after they have traveled.

H.3 The last date to submit a travel request for travel through June 30 (the end of the fiscal year) shall be the last working day of April.

H.4 Faculty traveling after June 30 (the beginning of the next fiscal year) and before the Faculty Chair returns.

I. Process for Requesting Travel Funds

I.1 Complete Annual Travel Acknowledgement. (https://administration.maricopa.edu/acknowledgement-and-disclosure)

User name: Your Maricopa MEID: (e.g. – mcccd-org\MEID)

Password: Your Maricopa MEID password

I.2 Complete the Travel Authorization via FMS - (https://finoprodpub.maricopa.edu/psp/PMCPAK/?cmd=login)

I.2.A Gather all required documentation in pdf.

I.2.B All expenses, except Per Diem Meals, require a quote.

I.2.C Create an FMS Travel Authorization. Note a Travel Authorization cannot be backdated.

I.3 The Travel Approval Routing Process is as follows:

I.3.A Traveler completes Travel Authorization Form.

I.3.B PVCC Faculty Travel Chair reviews request.

I.3.C District Travel & FPG Chair reviews request.

I.3.D Division Chair (or supervisor) reviews request.

I.3.E PVCC Administration reviews request.

I.3.F If applicable, District International Travel reviews request.

I.3.G Fiscal reviews request.

I.4 For requesting reimbursement for International Travel, in addition to completing the above steps, complete the International Travel Proposal found at: (http://www.maricopa.edu/iie/resources).

I.5 For Reimbursement: Within 30 days of returning from travel activities, complete an Expense Claim Form including PDF copies of all receipts (any non-meal expense over $25).

J. Approval Process for Requests for Travel Funds

J.1 Upon receipt (via email) of the Travel Authorization the Faculty Travel Chair shall do the following:

J.2 Check form for: Eligibility, expenses are all listed with quotes attached, and total request is $3500 or below.

J.3 Approve, Disapprove, or send back form.

K. Expenses Report Process

K.1 Within 30 days of returning from travel, faculty will do the following for reimbursement:

K.1.A Complete Expense Report via FMS.

L. Appeal Process for Disapproved Requests for Travel Funds

A faculty member whose request for travel funds has been disapproved by the Faculty Travel Chair may appeal the decision to the Faculty Travel Review Committee. The Faculty Travel Review Committee shall consist of the Faculty Senate Officers (President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer) and the Vice-President of Instruction. The Faculty Senate President shall chair the committee. The following process shall be followed:

L.1 The requester shall petition the Faculty Senate President in writing to reconsider the decision.

L.2 The Faculty Travel Chair shall provide the Faculty Senate President with a copy of a copy of the "Maricopa Community Colleges Travel Request Form 190-9A,” and a copy of literature that outlines the travel activity.

L.3 The Faculty Senate President shall call a meeting of the Faculty Travel Review Committee to reconsider the decision. The requester shall be invited to the meeting to plead his or her case. The committee shall conduct any fact finding that they deem necessary and shall have five working days after the meeting to make a decision. The decision of the Faculty Review Committee is final. The Faculty Senate President shall report the decision of the committee to the requester and to the Faculty Travel Chair. All arbitrations shall remain confidential.

M. Budget Allocation Policy

M.1 As of July 1, 2015, the limit on the maximum amount faculty may be funded from the Faculty Travel and Faculty Professional Growth Registration Fees Fund before the last working day in April will be $3500.

M.2 Faculty are encouraged to apply for funds in excess of $3500 in the event other funds become available. This is unlikely, but still a consideration.